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By far the most useful exercise is for us to obtain a detailed understanding of the clients situation, how they do things now and what they want to achieve. Certainly, the more information that can be provided to help with this the better and, in some cases, an extremely well-considered specification can certainly be the answer.
We’d love to provide a better answer here but in reality, where custom development is concerned, the answer has to be: it depends on a number of factors. These may include functional requirements, scope flexibility, deadlines, budget, necessary resources, quality, risk, testing & deployment considerations to name a few.
Yes. This kind of flexibility is important and could determine the success of project, but big changes after kick-off might affect budget or schedule.
Our teams get incredible leverage from open source tools, libraries, frameworks and indeed entire projects or our own proprietary libraries. We never reinvent the wheel when there is a tool that is suitable for solving a problem. We always program from scratch the parts that make your project custom and valuable.

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