web application wireframe example

What is Wireframing?

Well a website or an application wireframe, also known as a page schematic or screen blueprint, is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website or that application.

Basiclly, wireframes are created for the purpose of arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose. This makes the storyboarding process that much more simple. However we will speak about that more later.

How does it work?

The wireframe depicts the page layout or arrangement of the website’s content, including interface elements and navigational systems, and how they work together. The wireframe usually lacks typographic style, color, or graphics, since the main focus lies in functionality, behavior, and priority of content. In other words, it focuses on what a screen does, not what it looks like. Wireframes can be pencil drawings or sketches on a whiteboard

mobile Wirefram example

What happens once you have all your wireframes?

Once the website or application is laid out then you can proceed to the storyboarding process.

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